Machines of the feed preparation


Vertical axis hammer mills

This type of crusher has been developed for large farms and high performance feed mixing systems, with the advantages of the vertical axis circular grate crusher.The crusher cover is mounted on a conical collection hopper to which a variety of conveyors can be connected.
It is equipped with mechanical tilting as standard.
100% utilisation of the crusher’s capacity is ensured on request by an automatic load regulator.


Our mills only perform at their maximum capacity when the fibres and grinding hammers are in perfect condition, so it is essential to check and replace them as required in accordance with the instructions for use and maintenance.

Suction grinders

We offer our hammer mills in various sizes and capacities in suction design.
The advantages of pneumatic material transport include the absence of a filling machine system, and up to a certain lifting height, you will not need an additional material handling machine after the crusher.
Like our conventional crushers, it can be integrated into a mixing system with automatic load control and computer control.


Counter-current mixers

Experiments have shown that high grain-feed ratios lead to better performance and more reliable weight gain at lower feed costs.
This is because cereal mixtures are rich in valuable nutrients, tasty and easy to digest. Yet another reason, which is very important these days, in favour of home-made compound feed. You know exactly what you are feeding and quality is assured from the start. Of course, the cereals must be professionally prepared for the delicate animal stomach and distributed in rations according to the physiology of the diet at the time.
We offer them in the 300-500-1000-2000 kg range.

Why Sugó-Gép KFT?

Sugó-Gép KFT provides the technical conditions for optimum profitability of your farm, from grain crushers and grinders to high-performance compact mixers and computer-controlled feed preparation and mixing plants. High performance, economy, operational safety, robust design and the possibility of expansion with accessories have made Sugó-Gép KFT a great partner over the decades. The mixer is equipped with a 20 litre premix filling hopper.

Mixing systems

The equipment of Sugó-Gép KFT is perfectly matched to each other, making it easy and quick to assemble. Thus creating a complete feed mixing system, starting with storage of the granular material, followed by grinding, mixing and storage of the finished product. Making feed preparation easier, safer and more efficient.

The system is controlled by a computer, which controls the equipment via switchboards. A flow chart ensures good transparency. Thanks to the steel frame system, the elements can be quickly dismantled. Ease of operation is facilitated by the use of premix bins constructed from modular silos, to achieve a fully automatic system controlled by a computer

The machines are assembled according to the mixing task. We offer a wide range of services, from the design of individual compound feed production machines and their accessories to the construction of complete turnkey feed mixer-granulator and premix plants.

We apply the most up-to-date technological solutions to the plants we set up, taking the customer’s requirements into account.

The prefabricated units of our containerised block feed mixers can be assembled in a very short time, require a small footprint and the associated construction work is minimal. The energy requirements for operation are low due to the vertical layout and the control is fully automated by computer.

Vertical auger mixers

Sugó-Gép cutting-edge technology for your plant!

Grain crushers and grinders gently process hard grains for easier digestion, thus retaining the beneficial nutrients they contain. Since a good mixture requires a high nutrient content, Sugó-Gép KFT has developed a mixing program to meet the highest demands.

The heart of the feed mixer is the highly efficient forced mixing system (mixing auger in a steel pipe cylinder), which has a mixing accuracy of 1:100000. The feed is continuously sliding downwards, transported upwards again and again by the auger running in the pipe and spread. The mixing time is 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the mixer. Discharge time is approximately 10 minutes. The filling time depends on the filling unit, i.e. the granulator and the grinder.

Indicating contacts, inspection ports and windows increase operational safety. A practical accessory is the dosing funnel, which can be used for small quantities of additives.

Less operator attention and time-saving thanks to the timer, automatic shut-off and night-time programming. If you wish, the weighing computer can help you or even the computer can take control of the entire grinding and mixing centre.

Advantages of the machine

  • Robust body
  • Thorough force mixing system
  • Short mixing time
  • Dosing funnel for fine dosing
  • Patented dosage control for optimum efficiency and overload protection
  • Automatic dosing system for the grain crusher
  • One year factory warranty
  • High reliability and long life
  • High performance
  • Energy saving
  • Easy-to-operate discharge mechanism
  • Transport in working condition
  • Complete grain chain from one company
Takarmány keverő

Grain crunchers

Grain crunchers convert hard grains into large, easily digestible crushed grains that are fully and evenly digested. So your farm’s milk and meat yields increase noticeably.
The grain grinder, with electric motor from 1.5 to 15 kW produces up to 3,600 kg of grit per hour. It also uses significantly less energy (max. 50%) than conventional grain mills. A simple control mechanism ensures stepless volume control to achieve optimum performance, and a manual adjustment mechanism is available for coarser or finer crushed material. The hardened cast iron rollers are synchronously driven to process the tough material to be roughed into valuable coarse meal. the large hopper and magnetic metal separator ensure long life and quiet operation.

Various START and STOP automatics or the measuring computer make the programme complete.



  • drive motor: 11 kW (3~, 400/690V)
  • Processing capacity for soybean: 50-120 kg/h
  • efficient use of energy
  • processing power for maize: approx. 50% less

Features of the extruders of Sugó-Gép:

  • strong steel frame construction
  • Strong, heavy-duty extruders with high strength steel
  • Robust drive motor
  • enclosed V-belt drive
  • solid steel construction
  • feeding: speed-controlled pulley
  • separating magnet after the hopper
  • extrusion unit consisting of individually interchangeable parts
  • optional external heating jackets