Grain cleaners


The precleaner is used to clean cereals, maize, rape and other similar crops to achieve higher yields and better quality. Using the V25T, with its powerful high-pressure suction fan (3 kW), the last residues of straw, dust, fluff and other foreign matter can be separated out very efficiently.

Cleaning out the crop means no loss of air pressure when ventilating, especially when removing residues from ventilated floors, and it spares you other risks such as bacteria and mould. The pre-cleaner works on the principle of a sifter. The material to be cleaned is fed directly into the large cleaning body through an inlet hopper or directly through a Ø 150 mm inlet tube and a precisely adjustable inlet cone (for high cleaning performance). The lighter particles are extracted by a turbine, adjustable by means of a power control nozzle, and transported up to 25m and then separated from the air and the debris by means of a cyclone. The heavier cleaned particles fall through a spreader turbine blade into the Ø150mm connection of the discharge hopper.

The pre-cleaner is naturally fitted to the conveying system and prepared for connection to the grain blower or the hopper auger.

Síkrostás tisztító

Sieve cleaners

In agricultural applications, it performs the general cleaning of grain crops. The machine is equipped with a clod separator and a core sieve, which separates clods, large stalk residues, broken grains and small weed seeds from the crop.


  • Installed as a stand-alone independent machine
  • As a stand-alone machine, as a combined machine with an air unit

Advantages of the machine:

  • Low drive power
  • High performance, high cleaning efficiency due to the material discharge and grate movement
  • Easy installation, easy handling
  • High efficiency and easy handling
  • Low failure rate and consequently low maintenance requirements

The really clean harvested material

Harvested material without cleaning interferes with further processing and reduces quality. It is therefore necessary to clean out any foreign matter in the raw material immediately after harvesting. The drum cleaner separates unwanted components that are larger or smaller than the harvested crop. Optimisation of the cleaning process can be achieved by combining it with a screener.