Feed uploader wagons

Main technical characteristics of the feed uploader wagons

  • The trolley can be moved and operated by a towing vehicle (tractor).
  • The unloading pulley is rotated by the tractor’s cardan shaft after coupling to the trolley.
  • The hydraulic system of the tractor ensures the up-and-down and 360-degree rotation of the discharge auger.
  • The discharge auger has an external diameter of 200 mm, a length of 7,5 m and a maximum discharge height of 8,5 m.
  • The hopper, the discharge auger and the chassis are made of painted sheet steel and steel dunnage.
  • In the rest position, the trolley is held in position by mechanical brakes and adjustable feet.
  • The trolley is closed through the upper opening of the tank.
  • The opening can be closed watertight by means of a sliding door.
  • The trolley is equipped with position, direction and brake lights.
  • The wagon shall not be used in road traffic.