Road going mixer feeders

Why do you need a feed mixer wagon?

With a feed mixer trolley, you can produce feed of high nutritional value in a short time. Each feed mixer wagon brings remarkable savings and significant quality improvements to your farm.

Peak technology in different variations

Feed mixer wagons prove their worth especially where high performance and long-lasting operation are required. Equipped with a hitch or quick coupling head /TÜV tested/ and a safe shear pin gimbal, the trolley is easy to attach. The trolley is ready for operation by simply moving the mechanical support leg or lifting the hydraulic support leg. With the flexible Bowden control or optional electromagnetic remote control, safe operation is guaranteed, as well as proper operation of the powerful hydraulic pumps from the driver’s seat of the tractor.

More about Hx feed mixer trolley

Suitable for loading, mixing and dispensing bulk feeds for ruminants into the trolley according to the specified recipe. The HX series is a silage milling version. It has a triple auger mixing system with slicing bar knives on the lower auger, counter knives on the bottom plate and roller knives on the upper augers. It is therefore also suitable for chopping hay. The upper pulleys rotate against each other, so that the mixing of the slicing is more intense and faster. It has its own hydraulic system so that only the tractor hitch and the TLT drive are connected to the tractor. Traction power requirement min 60 kW. The low drive power requirement is sufficient for the strong planetary drive (gear ratio: 1:34). The hydraulic bodies are easy to operate, with manual bovdens from the tractor cab. The running gear is equipped with a parking brake. The dispensing trolley is equipped with a recipe electronic weighing system (3 weighing bars), which can be connected to a personal computer and allows data processing. The chain conveyor, positioned on the right front, l=940mm long, Bowden height operated. The silage mill has a capacity of 1060 kg/min.

The undercarriage or the lower or upper drawbar is TÜV approved.

The wide-angled cardan, which allows mixing during towing, is equipped with a safety shear pin.

Matrix vertical auger mixer feeders

With the vertical auger mixer feeder you can process round and rectangular bales!


Vertical auger mixer feeders

The Himel series of vertical auger mixer feeders are designed for professional use on medium to large scale farms. This is due to the very high quality, the strength and the various accessories that make up the complete machine. All this results in a machine with a long lifetime and low running costs. It comes in various sizes from 10 to 46m3 with one or two vertical mixing augers, has a self-standing chassis, large diameter mixing augers for perfect mixing, equipped with large counter blades and all this promotes high performance. For chopping long-stemmed crops, these large counterblades are provided. The wheel axle is oversized and the wheels are also heavily loaded.

The highest level of basic equipment:

  • Carbon ring gripper
  • Steel mixing pulley, with extremely strong hot rolled spiral for longer life, higher wear resistance, high quality blades.
  • The special design of the mixing spiral ensures uniform feed distribution.
  • The pulling part is adjustable so it can be adapted to almost all types of tractors.
  • Easy access to the control platform via the steps and easy control of the feed in the mixing section.
  • All hydraulic and electrical components are protected against dust and moisture and ensure longer life and easier maintenance of the machine.
  • The electronic weighing system can store several recipes with a scale display. The weighing cells are made of stainless steel (24 recipes-99 components WINSCALE system)
  • The scale display is housed in a fold-out holder and has a separate battery.
  • The dispenser is located at the front and can dispense to both sides (chain dispenser)
  • The mixing pulley has a single-speed gearbox, with an adjustable speed of 34 rpm.
  • The machine has its own hydraulic system, it has its own control block, it is equipped with 3m remote control bovdens, and these bovdens can be placed in the tractor cab.
  • It has a mechanical support leg
  • The wheel axle is fitted with 1-1 wheel.
  • It has a parking brake.
  • It has a wide-angle universal joint shaft.
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