Scale technic, control

Accurate weighing is an essential condition for producing good feed according to the prescribed recipes.
With this in mind, we have designed our individual scales, such as weighing bins and tank scales. Our weighing equipment is equipped with standard weighing cells of various capacities (500 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg) and with weighing cells that can be calibrated on request.
We offer our weighing equipment with displays, which in the simplest case is a weight display or totalising computer, and in many cases as part of the system control of a feed mixing plant.

With our electronic scales with digital display, you can easily check the weight of materials stored in silos, which can be powder, pellets, grain, granules, flour, industrial products, fertilisers, etc.

Electrical weighing cells can be connected to the equipment to achieve accurate component dosing.

Sometimes it is necessary to weigh whole pallets, for this we recommend our pallet scales.

In our feed mixing systems, weighing is often combined with control, which can be used for logging functions, even on demand, remote access and remote operation. Thus in this application the weigh cell, weigh module unit, display or control computer form a single unit.