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To distribute and manufacture excellent products with a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

About our company

In August 2008 the “Sugó – Gép” Kft. Our activities are based on 3 pillars.

The first pillar is grain storage, which can be indoor and outdoor, cleaning, drying, ventilation, grain transport machinery (conveyor pulleys, serrated elevators, rakes, spiral conveyors).

The second pillar covers feed preparation machines, stand-alone machines, feed grinding mixers, feed mixers, feed milling machines, feed mixing systems, feed mixing systems with simple totalisers or computer-controlled feed mixing systems with process visualisation, and related ancillary components such as feed transport machines, feed conveyors, feed augers, finished product storage bins, feed intake systems.

The third pillar consists of straw processing machines (straw balers, balers) and feed mixing trolleys.

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  • The solutions we offer, which meet the highest customer requirements, are largely developed in-house, using the latest design tools, by well-trained, experienced designers and are executed in-house.
  • We are constantly expanding our manufacturing capacity and skills by adding new equipment and increasing our staff accordingly.
  • We offer our customers turnkey solutions.
  • We also provide the spare parts required for our supplied machines at short notice.
  • Our mechanics service and repair machines on demand, as a reliable machine in working order is the greatest value in the eyes of the customer.

Our reputation is proven by the large number of satisfied customers for both mixing systems and feed mixer-dispenser wagons. All this is due to good teamwork and good products.

As a result of our work, the turnover of our company is also constantly increasing. The team size is growing accordingly, currently 20 people.

The following article about our company was published in the November 2016 issue of Agrarvilág.

“Next month, HIMEL Magyarország Kft. will be 20 years old, which was founded in December 1996 to distribute the products of HIMEL Maschinen GmbH in Hungary.

The company’s ars poetic is to distribute and manufacture excellent products with a high level of customer service and maximum satisfaction,” said Busa

Zoltán Busa Zoltán, Managing Director.

– What exactly did that mean?

– The distribution of equipment for storing, ventilating and transporting various grain raw materials, grains, was developed according to the needs of customers, supplemented by feed preparation and feed mixing machines and systems.”

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