Grain aeration

Ventilation drying

What do you do if you need to store grain at a moisture content of more than 18%?

Freshly harvested grain cannot be stored for long if it has a moisture content of more than 18% (see table!). In this case, never store in a layer higher than 4 – 5 m! If the storage silo is equipped with rapid drying cells, the moisture content of the grain can be dried to 18% in one day or overnight by heated air blasting and then cooled by cold air.

For the calculation:

1 C air heating = 5% moisture reduction. For example: the air temperature is raised by 6 degrees by a runner, so the moisture reduction is about 25 – 30%. For an actual moisture content of about 80%, this means that it drops to 50 – 55% with continuous drying. In addition, care must be taken that the distance to the ventilation duct does not exceed 1 m.

This is how the values of the ventilation fans vary: Assume that 70 – 100 m3 /hour of air per 40 mm V. 0. layer is required.

For example:

Silo diameter 3.8 m, height 4 m

Internal volume: 45 m3 , hence

Air pressure: 40 x 4 = 160 mm V. 0. and Air volume: 45 x 70 = 3150 m3/hour.

This means that for this silo with a capacity of 34 t, the TLR 2 ventilation fan with 2.2 kW is sufficient. With this air volume, ventilation can be completed after 2 weeks. If the process has to be completed more quickly, a larger volume of air should be ventilated. You can simply test whether your blower is powerful enough. Lay a large sheet of newspaper on top of the grain, sprinkle grain around the edges and turn on the fan. If an air cushion forms under the newsprint, that’s enough pressure.

Ventilation Injector TLR

The TLR series ventilator should be used where high air pressure is required. With its high performance direct drive electric motor (3000 min-1) from 1.5 kW to 4 kW, it efficiently ventilates high finished material bins, sheet floor bins (pneumatic residue discharge) and other small to medium sized bins. The galvanized large bore blower is a standard accessory with walk-behind and handle and is versatile for use in various ventilation applications.

Ventilation ducts

Ventilation ducts, like slab floors, distribute air efficiently and quickly throughout your storage areas. They ensure air flow with minimum air loss. All ventilation distribution and duct modules are built according to the same principle and are individually adapted to small and large storage spaces. The R 48 and R 64 partially perforated special shape ventilation ducts provide excellent air distribution even at low bulk heights.

To keep your grain healthy, this is the ideal equipment!