Continuous gas-fired crop dryer

Thanks to the special crop flow and multi-point air suction, the percentage of damaged grains is 20% lower and the energy consumption is the same as that of similar dryers. Its structure is self-supporting, self-cleaning and made of modules.
Each module contains 10 drying columns made of galvanised steel with a bolted construction. Thanks to the modular design, the capacity of the dryer can be easily increased by adding new modules in the future. It is equipped with low-noise, industrially designed, direct motor-driven axial fans controlled by frequency inverters, with a special dust and juice separation system.

Fire protection of the dryer is provided by a built-in dry fire extinguishing system. Thermal insulation around the hot side and drying zone and internal double-sided heat recirculation are also standard. The dryer can be equipped with an automatic control system PC-PLC based on direct humidity measurement, which ensures more efficient, economical and reliable operation. Unique in Hungary, only the dryer performance can be increased easily and quickly by adding extra module sections.

Technical data

  • Type: radius 16/15K
  • Corn drying 24-14%: 15 t/h
  • Structural height: 15,7 m
  • Width: 1,9 m
  • Length including dust sheeting: 2,85 m
  • Installed electrical power : 49.4 kW
  • Average combustion power : 2500 kW

12 automatic controls:

The dryer control software meets the highest technological standards.
It has a graphical touch screen display with the dryer integrated into the overall control system.
plant process flow chart and has a full screen display of information and controls for the dryer. It also includes full data and event logging modules as well as a remote monitoring module.

The real innovation, however, is the real-time moisture control based on real-time inlet and outlet moisture measurement, which is unique in the market, and the continuous automatic operation control, which includes dryer heating period, crop overtemperature monitoring and adaptation to constantly changing environmental conditions. This eliminates the human factor and the optimal operation of the dryer will not depend on the operator’s skills.