Bale openers, straw choppers

MATRIX Jet, Jet Power

Towed bale extractor, ideal for litter removal. The machine is equipped with a knife-edged rotor, in standard or special design, perfect for breaking bales of round or square straw, corn stalks, hay and other dry fibrous materials. The chopped material can be placed directly into the tray or chute and the bale can be loaded automatically. The cutting length can be adjusted from about 7 to 13 cm depending on the raw material, and the discharge can be hydraulically adjusted from 1 to 15 metres. Optional with 270° rotatable spout.


About straw choppers

Straw can basically be used as bedding or chopped to a suitable size for animal feed.

To achieve the required absorbency during bedding, the straw must be opened up. This means that it has to be properly crushed and the water layer of the straw has to be broken. In this way the straw, which may be a waste product, becomes a valuable raw material in animal husbandry.

The high performance STZ and STM straw choppers

The STZ cardan-driven, three-point suspension straw grinder and the STM electric straw grinders achieve the desired chopping value with 7-60mm hole size interchangeable sieves.

Their high output enables them to process 150 bales of straw per hour or about 2500 kg of long straw. From flour fines to long fibres, the grinders can grind the material to be transported in a wide range of grades. The material is sucked up through a large rotor and is knife/pre-chopped by a chopper/14 and then transported to the robust grinding chamber. In the grinding area, 52 knives shred the material and a transfer wheel through the screen into the pipeline/Ø 250 MM/drum. The material can be transported up to a distance of 20 m.
Even in landscaping, where bark or horse manure is shredded, the STZ is sure to find its place among your machines.

Available as an accessory:

various types of sieves, cyclone, cardan shaft with safety shear, tubes and curved pieces.