Grain conveyors

Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are used to transport fine-grained and powdery bulk materials horizontally, inclined and vertically. The traction and conveying element of the shredder is a chain with various shaped transfer arms moving in a completely enclosed path, which is immersed in the material to be conveyed and forms a unit moving with it. The transfer of material is based on the fact that the friction of the bulk material to be conveyed against the side and bottom plates of the trough is less than the resistance of the drag chain as it moves through the material.

The chain conveyor may be horizontal, inclined, vertical or any combination of these in terms of layout and direction of transport.

The conveyor chain consists of the traction element and the transmission arms attached to it.

The conveyor trough is of easy-to-assemble design, made of thick steel plate in sections of 2 to 4 m in length.


Mainly for the transport of floury, small, lumpy, dry, non-sticky and non-sticky bulk materials. For hard abrasive materials, it can be used with the selection of suitable materials.


  • dust free
  • small space requirement
  • favourable installation and tracking possibilities
  • suitable for high temperature materials (400-500 °C)
  • variable direction
  • dispensing at several locations
  • simple, easy to install

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators up to 30 m lifting height are installed as central vertical conveyors. With their low drive power requirements, they can reach a capacity of 30, 40 or 60 t/h, depending on the number of cups. The oval steel booms are mounted on a sturdy belt and are housed in a galvanised transport box for gentle and quiet transport. The lifting foot with double-sided infeed, the cleaning door and the special lifting head guarantee a quality clean transport.

All lifts are standard equipped with infinitely adjustable inlet control, recoil stop and belt tensioner. Distribution can be made by means of sliding pipes at the outlet or by various horizontal transport devices. For example, the elevator can be filled by a power-coordinated jet-machine chain conveyor.

Chain elevators

Chain elevators are installed where vertical transport requires a constant performance with low energy consumption. They are able to transport grain, meal, fodder, pellets and various floury materials. Due to the powerful drive unit, different speeds can be set and thus the performance can be adapted to other conveying systems. The elevators can feed the material to be conveyed at an incline (up to 60 degrees) and the chain-mounted rubber blades are almost dust-free. The wear-resistant conveyor channel (galvanised on request) can be positioned up to 12.5 cm so that the last corner can be filled with material. The material can be received directly via a receiver (150 mm) or via a conveyor flap (left or right) and the conveyor flap can be disconnected from the main drive by means of an idle clutch. For high performance, the conveyor wing pushes the material to be conveyed into the conveyor channel. In case of large receiving garages or long-distance transport, we recommend the use of an auxiliary drive or a garage door opener.

Trough augers

We supply trough chain conveyors and trough augers with galvanized cover and on request with directional switch for forward and reverse drive. A 15 degree incline is no problem. The trough augers are supplied with intermediate bearings as standard. Where purity of variety, extremely gentle transport and long transport distances predominate, a trough chain conveyor is the ideal solution. Weight indication and automatic control are part of our programme, so they can be integrated into any conveyor system. All conveyor systems are assembled to the desired transport length and ready for connection.

The trough augers are installed for horizontal transport, but will transport up to 15° inclination without any problems. In the standard version the discharge is on the drive side. They are made in galvanized finish with galvanized cover plate and intermediate bearing. On request, we can supply a directional change-over switch to operate the pulley with both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

Hydraulic filling pulleys

The 4m long hydraulic filling auger is prepared for mounting on a trailer. It can be quickly mounted using the hangers and is easy to adjust the height using the multi-slot clamp. It is ready for immediate installation and comes standard with a 5 m hydraulic hose and quick coupling. 


  • almost dust-free transport
  • lightweight and easy to transport
  • Individually extendable
  • labour savings due to high performance

Grain cannons, auger conveyors

The galvanised conveyor system is used where high hourly output is required with low energy consumption. The conveyor pulleys and grain drums can transport at any angle of inclination. Trough chain conveyors and trough augers transport grain, groats, flour, feed, pellets and minerals horizontally or at a slight incline. For the transport of floury materials, the speed can be reduced either by a slow motor (1000 rpm) or by a belt pulley of different sizes. The conveyor systems consist of maintenance-free drive units and quickly assembled galvanized extension units, which can be 1,2,3,4,5 m long. In any configuration, different inlets, outlets, transition pieces, hoppers can be installed without effort.

The auger conveyorss and the inclined grain elevators are standard equipment with hanging brackets and can be supplied with volume control on request. They can be moved by means of a walker or a height-adjustable stand. The powerful drive unit of the inclined grain elevator is located under the large intake hopper (hopper height approx. 58 cm), while the conveyor pulley is located on top as standard.